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Sea Safety

Every year the RNLI's voluntary lifeboat crews respond to 8,000 or so incidents, many of which could have been prevented by observing simple safety precautions. Over half of these launches are to leisurecraft. Potentially more lives could be saved and fewer lifeboat call outs would be needed if leisurecraft users became more aware of the potential dangers.

Created as part of their commitment to prevention through sea safety education, Sea Safety: the Complete Guide aims to help you enjoy your time afloat safely so that you don't become a rescue statistic.

This booklet is for you to read at home and possibly take with you when you go out on the water. It covers the basic information you need to consider when going out to sea. If you have a computer, then the enclosed CD-ROM contains a wealth of essential information to help you stay safe. Designed to complement this written guide, the CD-ROM offers a fun and interactive look at sea safety, with video clips, animations and quizzes for your chosen watersport. Whether you are an experienced water user or a novice we encourage you to load the CD-ROM: it's your passport to safety at sea.

For more individual and confidential sea safety advice, contact us and ask for an RNLI SEA (Safety Equipment Advisory) Check. An RNLI trained volunteer adviser will come and chat to you about your craft's safety equipment free of charge. There is no substitute for correct training or seeking up-to-date advice from experts and official organisations, so the RNLI provides presentations and practical demonstrations.

Request a free copy of the booklet and CD.

We hope you will have a happy and safe time on the water.