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Gift Ideas for the Sailing Enthusiast in your Life

Shopping for the upcoming holidays and have a sailor at home you want to please? If so, you can make a good impression by explicitly shopping for merchandise that appeals directly to sailing enthusiasts. Sure, if you have the money and donít mind draining your bank account, you can always buy your sailor a brand new boat. Heíll never forget that one! But if you need to keep your gift selections more budget-conscious, there are plenty of less expensive alternatives out there that should more than please the sailing enthusiast in your life.

Monogrammed Robe
For something your sailor can wear proudly at home after showering or just to lounge around in the living room, consider picking up a monogrammed robe. The monogrammed robe can be imprinted with the name of his boat or the initials of her favorite aquatic explorer, and you can get the robe in a striking blue, gray, or other color very popular with sailing enthusiasts. Plus, the robe will make a for a perfect outfit to wear if you spend the night sleeping out on the deck with your loved one, so if you end up picking up two sailing robes, no one will blame you.

Sailing Cap
No man is truly the captain of his boat without an authentic sailorís cap to prove it. You can pick up either a simple, basic captainís hat or something much more extravagant, such as a monogrammed cap or something with a graphic imprint design that stands out from the rest. That way, every time youíre out on the boat with the sailor in your life, he or she will be able to proudly show whoís boss, and youíll be able to proudly claim that you were the one who promoted him or her to captain with your gift.

Fine Wine
If all else fails, buy your sailor a bottle of fine wine to christen his boat with. Or, if the boatís already been christened, you can break open the bottle for yourselves, something a sailor surely would never complain about.