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Passing the Yachtmaster in Skye

Read the account of an individual who finally plucks up the courage to sit his Yachtmaster practical exam and comes away with nothing but praise for the sailing school and a deeper love for the beautiful Hebridean cruising grounds.

Following the Fast Track Yachtmasters

We get an insight into the first ever professional Yachtmaster course run by the Scottish National Centre on the island of Cumbrae and see if the intensive training will be enough to turn the candidates into Yachtmasters in the space of three months.

Theory of Sail Shape

In our tactic of the month we learn to optimise the shape of our sail to provide us with winning performance.

Next month we will bring you an article explaining what draft is and how much of it you want in your sails.

Free Sea Safety Guide and CD-ROM

The RNLI have produced a fabulous safety booklet with accompanying CD-ROM which will help you to learn to be safer at sea.

DC Sail

DC Sail is the community sailing program of the National Maritime Heritage Foundation (NMHF). Our mission is to promote and sustain affordable educational, recreational and competitive sailing programs for all ages in a fun and safe environment. DC Sail em